Simulcast Auction Software

Simulcast Auction Software for Auctioneers

Looking for Simulcast Auction Software to your business online?

Well you have come to the right place. Successful simulcast auction software need to be backed up by robust, easy-to-use auction software that gets results.

Our online auction platform is one of the world’s first fully HTML5 simulcast platforms, and allows for low latency HD video and audio streaming across mobiles, laptops, computers and tablet devices without the need to download apps. You have many streaming options available to you and we would love go into more detail on.

The platform runs successful auctions entirely from your existing website, and is branded in your business’s colours and logos to provide a more personal touch to bidders wishing to acquire assets from your brand through the platform.

We have the simulcast auction software features for your auction business needs

Our simulcast auction software provides your bidders the flexibility of pre-bidding before and during an auction, and our easy to navigate bidding screen simplifies the process of placing bids online.

Smart filtering system can notify your online bidders whenever an item that specifically matches their interests is added to the system, and our built-in payment gateway makes the process of getting paid for items easy

And if you would like to stream fast HD video and audio then you have come to the right place.

You will have many streaming options available to you including audio only, HD video and audio and new multi cam options.

We definitely have the best simulcast auction software on the market to make your auctions stand out from the crowd. Auctioneers have a full and comprehensive suite of auction tools not just limited to live simulcast.

Support options scaled to fit the needs of any simulcast online auction

Worldwide support is available for each and every simulcast auction and can be scaled to fit your needs. For any assistance on technical support, general training, clerking, marketing or on-site support, we have solutions that can simplify the process of ensuring that your sales are fully supported.

What’s more, run entire auctions from our administration portal, fully equipped with invoicing, sales management, bidder management and account management capabilities. What more could you want?

Bring your live simulcast auctions to the next level.
Simulcast auction software tailored for auctioneers to run live online auctions including feature rich HD live webcast auctions. Contact us using the form below

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